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52.31). 21.84; Dem. 53.2).9 All the documents presented to the arbitrator (witness statements, the challenges, the laws, etc.) Pol 53.5; Dem. Se Dio ha fatto questo per la salvezza dell’uomo che lo vuole accettare, come non potremmo confidare in Lui per farci uscire da ogni altra crisi? Eine kritische Revue, Münster Westfalen: Aschendorff Verlag 2017, 578 S., 3 Tafeln. 5.33). L’operazione va fatta “senza indugio”, insiste Carlo Santini, il consigliere economico del governatore Fazio. If one party thought that the decision rendered by these judges was made under the influence of perjured testimony, he could try to have the decision overturned by bringing a private action for false testimony (dike pseudomartyrion). Riflessi contemporanei, Roma 2017, 215/240. Rappresenta un momento difficile, duro, spiacevole, e se ne farebbe volentieri a meno. Microfisica della mediazione nel mondo greco antico (Pisa: Pisa University Press, 2014). Zu Augustinus conf. Adalberto Giovannini, Les relations entre États dans la Grèce antique du temps d’Homère à l’intervention romaine (ca.700–200 av. Pol. Dargestellt am Beispiel des Prudentius: Impulse für die lateinische Lektüre. Such a clause compels the parties to resort to arbitration in case of future conflicts. 29.58; Is. Vorträge zur Tagung am 25. Copies of a decision in an arbitration were often displayed in the great Panhellenic sanctuaries like Delphi and Olympia or in important regional sanctuaries.30. Ecco allora che la crisi può veramente diventare opportunità. Studies on the Conceptualisation and Transformation of an Ancient Ideal, Namur (Collection d’Études Classiques) 2005, 339/67, Fremdkörper im Text des Gottesstaats: Wiener Studien 118 (2005) 139/57, Bemerkungen zum Text der Confessionen Augustins: Vigiliae Christianae 59 (2005) 178/86, Wahrheit und Ähnlichkeit, in: Raban von Haehling (Hrsg. Dal decorso di una malattia alla vita di un governo, dal turbamento davanti a certi problemi ad una ciclica patologia dell'assetto economico, la crisi riempie i nostri discorsi. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. : Wiener Studien 81 (1968) 193/205, Maura Maurae collactea. 29. If the arbitrator was convicted, he lost his citizen rights ([Arist.] krisis] (Giacomo 2:13). Aedes Laterani: Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 188 (2014) 70/80. They confirm the judgment of Tod: “the Greeks . On the other hand, we know that, sometime after 400 bce, the defendant in such a case could bring a paragraphe action and state that plaintiff’s action was inadmissible (ouk eisagogimos) because there had already been a decision by private arbitration (Isoc. Giovannini recently proposed a useful solution to this problem by making a distinction between “arbitrage par consentement mutuel” (arbitration by mutual consent) and “arbitrage imposé” (arbitration externally imposed).15 The second group includes all those cases involving a hegemonic power taking the role of arbitrator. Osservazioni di un filologo sulla tradizione romana di Pietro, in: Christian Gnilka, Stefan Heid, Rainer Riesner (a cura di), La morte e il sepolcro di Pietro, Città del Vaticano: Libreria Editrice Vaticana 2014, 41/99. Römische Verfassungsgeschichte bei Prudentius und Ampelius: Hermes 140 (2012) 448/56. 7: Hermes 133 (2005) 124f. 25. Everyone who was in this age group was required to serve as an arbitrator; if he refused, he could lose his rights as citizen. 3,21f. John Ma, “Fighting Poleis of the Hellenistic world,” in War and Violence in Ancient Greece, ed. In some cases, the dispute concerned a well-identified region, and the only task assigned to the court of arbitration was to recognize the rights to this region for one of the parties; in other cases, a new drawing of boundaries was also required. When the court had to travel, which often happened in territorial disputes, a board consisting of an equal number of representatives from both parties was appointed to bring the judges from their city and to escort them to the location where the trial would take place. If both men had persisted in their pursuit of a trial, Epaenetus would have brought the public charge to trial, and Stephanus would have brought a private suit against each surety if Epaenetus refused to pay. The most interesting case and the best example of the complexity that such agreements could involve is the arbitration involving the polis of Calymnus and the creditors of Cos discussed above. Christliche Literatur als Einklang von Glaube und Kunst, Mülheim/Mosel 2011. Claude Eilers (Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, 2008),15–43. I 3 148), which ended the war between Magnesia on the Maeander and Miletus, contains the outcome of a mediation conducted by a joint delegation of Rhodians and envoys sent by other twelve poleis.18 The agreement, inscribed on stone, represents one of the most important documents for the history of Hellenistic Miletus. The decision made by the parties to settle a dispute in a peaceful manner and their agreement about the identity of the arbitrator were the necessary first steps leading to an arbitration. 12.11–12 describes a case in which one side is accused of lying and the arbitrators realized this and voted against them), but if the arbitrators were not convinced by the argument and decided the case on the basis of false evidence, the litigant who lost the case had no means of reversing the judgment, which was binding. By contrast, an Athenian could only resolve one dispute at a time. Beiträge zur Spätantike und Rezeptionsgeschichte Ilona Opelt ... gewidmet, herausgegeben von Michael Wissemann (Frankfurt am Main 1988) 78/87, Eine Spur altlateinischer Bibelversion bei Prudentius: Vigiliae Christianae 42 (1988) 147/55, Berge als Greise. ), Virtutis imago. Beiträge zur Geschichte der Universität Bonn 53 [Bonn 1982] 16/29), Vorwort zu Günther Jachmann, Ausgewählte Schriften, herausgegeben von Christian Gnilka = Beiträge zur Klassischen Philologie 128 (Königstein/Ts. Only after a total or partial failure of negotiations, the court proceeded with the judgment. : Werner Weismann, Kirche und Schauspiele. 12. But according to Dareius, Dionysodorus said that he would submit to arbitration only if the document containing the contract was torn up (Dem. An Athenian court did not have the option of taking both charges together and devising such a compromise solution. Introduzione. 79A, lines 28–29; FD III.1 362, line 41). According to Chrysippus, Lampis had previously stated that he had not received any money from Phormio and that Phormio had not placed any goods on the ship as he had promised to Chrysippus. In such cases, even if the initiative rarely came from the external authority, and even if the parties agreed to comply with its decision, their freedom was inevitably restricted. 287f. Tod und Grab des Petrus in Rom, Regensburg 2010. 1,2,63: peccesVE: Rivista di Filologia e di Istruzione Classica 133 (2005) 75/78, Chrêsis. You could not be signed in, please check and try again. Nell’alternativa, c’è il senso più profondo e dinamico della crisi. According to Chrysippus, when Theodotus saw that Lampis was lying, he did not wish to give a judgment against him because he was a friend of Phormio, whose interests would have been threatened by a judgment against Lampis. Ath. 3. 1. By contrast, a trial was an all-or-nothing procedure, which created winners and losers. In some cases, one of the parties might just not show up on the day of the arbitration (Dem. Microfisica della mediazione nel mondo greco antico (Pisa: Pisa University Press, 2014). Sometimes the parties defined in advance the procedure for the selection of the arbitrator: the treaty between Ephesus and Sardis (about 90 bce) includes one of the most interesting and detailed clauses of this kind.13. Mediation could be requested by the parties themselves, but most frequently the offer came from outside. Another disadvantage of private arbitration was that the voting was done openly and not by secret ballot. It was called a periegesis or ephegesis, and the arbitrators performed it twice, together with the representatives of each party. The inserted laws at Andoc. 27. Dobbiamo però cercare la soluzione nel posto giusto e fare la scelta giusta. The details of this compact had the function of providing legitimacy for the work of the arbitral tribunal. : 0251/83-2 45 53 Fax: 0251/83-2 54 10 Sprechstunde: nach Vereinbarung Jean-Marie Bertrand (Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne, 2005), 455–464; and Angelos Chaniotis, “Überzeugungsstrategien in der griechischen Diplomatie: Geschichte als Argument,” in Überzeugungs-strategien, ed. The settlement was then ratified by a vote the genos (lines 80–85), and an entrenchment clause was added to ensure that the settlement would endure (lines 95–97). (Romani 8:32). Lutetiae Paris: E. Thorin, 1894); Anton Raeder, L’arbitrage international chez les Hellènes (Kristiania: Haschehoug, 1912); and Marcus N. Tod, International arbitration amongst the Greeks (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1913). Zur Bedeutung einer Bildrede aus dem Geisteskampf der Spätantike: Literaturwissenschaftliches Jahrbuch, Neue Folge 31 (1990) 9/51; leicht ergänzt und abgewandelt in: Chresis II (s. u. Nr. Senza manovra-bis si rischia una crisi finanziaria. The very nature of the dispute brought about the appeal to a polis ekkletos. Demosthenes was about to bring a private action for mismanaging his estate against Aphobus, but Aphobus convinced him to submit the case to three arbitrators, Archenaus, Dracontides and Phanus (Dem. Real = Boreas 17 (Münster 1994) 65/88, Der Mensch als Hausherr der Schöpfung bei Prudentius: Anuario de Historia de la Iglesia 3 (1994) 63/5, Verkannte Genitive bei Prudentius: Illinois Classical Studies 19 (1994) = Studies in Honor of Miroslav Marcovich 2, 253/60, Die frühe Kirche und die antike Kultur. Testo con introduzione e traduzione di Emanuele Rapisarda (Catania 1962): Gnomon 37 (1965) 312f, Der Ring des Crispinus. ), "Hackers Werk wird eines Tages wiederentdeckt werden!". “The Attic Genos Salaminioi and the Island of Salamis,” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 119 (1997): 85–106. Ma quello che è vero è che, senza andare oltre la propria lingua, la crisi già rappresenta pericolo e opportunità. 26. Geburtstag des Indologen Paul Hacker (1913-1979). La crisi è la scelta che, volenti o nolenti, si è chiamati a fare. in greco antico! Sprechstunde: nach Vereinbarung, © 2020 Institut für Klassische Philologie, Die Sound-Funktion ist auf 200 Zeichen begrenzt, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, geboren in Langseifersdorf, Kreis Reichenbach am Eulengebirge (Schlesien), Besuch des Neuen Gymnasiums, des heutigen Franz-Ludwig-Gymnasiums, in Bamberg, Studium der klassischen Philologie in Bonn, München und Rom, Arbeit in der Redaktion des F. J. Dölger-Instituts an der Universität Bonn, Erste Philologische Staatsprüfung in Bonn, Wissenschaftlicher Assistent am Philologischen Seminar der Universität Bonn, Rufe auf Ordinariate der Klassischen Philologie nach Frankfurt und Münster, Ordentlicher Professor für Klassische Philologie und Direktor des Instituts für Altertumskunde in Münster, Studien zur Psychomachie des Prudentius = Klassisch-Philologische Studien 27 (Wiesbaden 1963), 142 Seiten, 1 Tafel, Das Einwachsen der Götterbilder. Crisi , greco antico: ‘scelta’. 27.50–51), and it allowed him to meet with the litigants several times before making a decision (Dem. Such an act, which was always precisely dated, marked the end of the entire procedure of arbitration. ), Zwischen Historiographie und Hagiographie. Dal 338 al 196 a.C. (Pisa: Scuola Normale Superiore, 1997), no. Personalmente abbiamo qualche dubbi sul fatto che il nostro governo seguirà veramente le indicazioni di Dio per uscire dalla crisi, ma perché non provare a farlo noi? Dal punto di vista di Dio, la krisis è la messa in atto di un giudizio, cioè di una scelta operata separando una conseguenza da un’altra. Poetry and Propaganda at the Court of Honorius (Oxford 1970): Gnomon 49 (1977) 26/51, Neues Alter, neues Leben. 197, lines 10–12). il futuro?) : H. J. Schweizer, Vergil und Italien. Arbitration between Halai and Boumelitaia (FD III.1 362). 47.43–45; Lys. 33.18). . 14. Dal punto di vista dell’uomo, ogni momento ‘critico’, è collegato con una decisione, con una svolta. 1.87 are forgeries; see Mirko Canevaro and Edward M. Harris, “The Documents in Andocides’ On the Mysteries,” Classical Quarterly 62, no. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. La chrêsis patristica, Brescia: Editrice Morcelliana 2019, 15-31. J.-C. (Athens: École Française d’Athènes, 2010), 542–543. The other party is then compelled to take action in response in order to protect its own interests. Cf. 1976): Anzeiger für die Altertumswissenschaft 32 (1979) 89/93, Ultima Verba: Jahrbuch für Antike und Christentum 22 (1979) 5/21, Rez. After the basic agreement is reached, procedures are created to deal with a great variety of situations, which differ both in terms of context and in methods. This step of the procedure was referred to by the technical term dikaiologia and included the hearing of the advocates for the parties, the depositions of the witnesses, and the presentation of documents. Edward M. Harris, “Trials, Private Arbitration, and Public Arbitration in Classical Athens or the Background to [Arist.] 18. Das "gute Alter". The use of such concepts marks the difference between the procedures followed in the courts of a polis, judging according to the local law, and an arbitral court, which did not have international recognized and codified nomoi to appeal to for its judgment.27 Yet it is also certain that, at least in the case of territorial disputes, there were some general principles recognized by the Greeks to which interstate arbitrators might follow and which the parties could use to prove their claims. The evidence for such a compact mostly comes from some allusions found in the ancient historians or from certain phrases in the published verdicts. This is, of course, not the typical situation but it appears likely that in certain cases and in certain serious circumstances, interstate arbitrators had to decide even this difficult kind of case.25. 55.9). Liceo classico D’Adda PRIMA LEZIONEDI GRECO ANTICO. 1.122–123. All Rights Reserved. Given their historical significance, these cases cannot be excluded from a study of interstate arbitration. Umberto Laffi, Il trattato fra Sardi ed Efeso degli anni 90 a.C. (Rome: Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2010). 2, 302): Wiener Studien 109 (1996) 103/49, Antike Götter beim echten und beim unechten Prudentius: Frühmittelalterliche Studien 30 (1996) 103/49. Dizionario Greco Antico: il più grande e più completo dizionario greco antico e di mitologia greca consultabile gratuitamente on line!. : Alan Cameron, Claudian. Zur frühchristlichen Passionsliteratur: Frühmittelalterliche Studien 26 (1992) 32/64, Chrêsis. “The Attic Genos Salaminioi and the Island of Salamis,”, George M. Calhoun. Kaiser, Rom und Reich bei Prudentius, in: Roald Dijkstra - Sanne van Poppel - Daniëlle Slootjes (Hrsgg. These are found in the cases of alliances, treaties about isopoliteia, and agreements about judicial cooperation (symbolon). I contenuti di questo sito sono distribuiti con Licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Condividi allo stesso modo 4.0. These are the modern views about arbitration.

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